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Vacation Benefits

Paid vacation leave is provided to eligible employees to allow opportunities for rest, relaxation, and personal pursuits. Regular full-time employees will accrue vacation leave at the following rates depending on the number of years of qualified service:

*1 through 3 years 8.00 hours per month

*4 through 10 years10.67 hours per month

*11 through 15 years12.00 hours per month

*Over 15 years 14.00 hours per month

*Eligible full-time employees earn an additional 8 hours of vacation on their birth date each year provided they work their regularly scheduled shift preceding and following their birth date or are on authorized paid leave.

Regular part-time employees who are scheduled to work at least 20 hour per week or 1,040 hours annually will accrue vacation leave at a prorated rate based on the number of hours they are regularly authorized to work.

New employees will accrue vacation leave from their hire date but leave is not actually earned and may not be used until an employee has completed six months of eligible service with the County. New employees who leave employment with less than six months of eligible service will not be compensated for accumulated vacation leave upon termination. These conditions do not apply to current employees with at least six months of eligible service who are promoted or transferred to a new position.

Eligible employees who leave employment and then are re-employed within 90 days will receive credit for prior eligible service. Employees who become ineligible for leave due to an involuntary reduction in hours or layoff shall receive credit for prior eligible service if they requalify within one year.

Eligible employees may carry over a maximum of 240 hours of vacation leave from one payroll period to the next. Once this amount of vacation has been accumulated the vacation accrual will discontinue and the employee will need to take vacation for the accrual to continue. Vacation leave will generally be accrued only for complete months of eligible service and will be suspended during periods of authorized leave without pay, including unpaid Family and Medical Leave and Worker's Compensation Disability Leave, which exceed 15 consecutive calendar days.

All vacation leave must be approved by the employee's supervisor in advance. Vacation leave is paid at the employee's regular base pay rate and is considered the same as hours worked for the purpose of calculating overtime compensation for non-exempt employees. Paid leave may not be combined with regular hours worked to exceed the employee's regularly scheduled hours on a daily basis. The salary of exempt employees shall not be reduced for absences of less than a full day regardless of whether the employee has sufficient available paid leave to cover the absence.

Except as noted above employees will generally be compensated for a maximum of 168 hours of unused vacation leave at their regular hourly rate when they leave employment or when the employee becomes ineligible for benefits due to a reduction in hours or change in employment status.

An employee's termination date for the purpose of calculating leave balances and eligibility for benefits shall be the last day worked unless the employee is retiring or is unable to return to work because of illness or disability in which case it will be the last day worked or the last day of authorized paid leave, whichever is later.

Policy No.  303  Adopted  3/7/2011  Revised  1/8/2015

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